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Doll Lodge, LLC is named after the Daughters Of Lloyd Lang, as there are 6 of us! Beth, Linda, Mary Kay, Carolyn, Brenda and Ann. Our parents are from central WI and just for the record, there is one brother, Bruce and he is the oldest...so don't feel sorry for him!

Carolyn and Steve will be your hosts, as we live in northern WI. Our son, Ethan, is in charge of grounds maintenance and firewood, and has his first year of college in the books...and he is going back! Our daughter Katie is able to visit for a week each summer...to escape the Georgia heat! Our daughter Stephanie just completed her Master Degree program and will visit as she can from Colorado.

We have enjoyed camping on Trout Lake for over 20 years and are very happy to have a place to share with others. Do join us! The views are exceptional!

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